Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Episode 12 - Millie and the MOFO

Boy oh boy, what a week....oh wait, it's only Tuesday.  Well shoot, what a Monday.  I got in a minor car accident yesterday morning and of course it's thrown me way off and just been such a downer. Everyone is okay, kids were NOT in the car thankfully.  Car is in the shop for 1-2 weeks and I'm in a rental.

womp womp

But onward we go. This week's episode is the longest one yet - and probably the longest one it will ever be (but who really knows).  A whopping 1:35ish...sheesh! With lots of interruptions to boot (Sorry!).  That's what I get for recording on a Tuesday with reckless kiddos.

TONS of stash enhancement this week! Again something that will probably never come about again. I mean, I hit the motherload this week for sure! I had a ton of fun at the local World Wide Knit in Public event that was put on by another local knit group.  Came home with some goodies from there of course.  Also my $25 shopping spree at Joann - I know crazy huh?

The video is currently uploading and is taking forever, but I figured I would at least get this going and attempt to do the show notes as well.  For now I am just posting the link to my Youtube page. Once the video is up, I will come back and embed it as usual. But just in case any night owls are poking around and check it out, It will be here for ya!

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Anthro Inspired Scarflet by Kim Seio

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Paw Tracks socks by Gwen Clark

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Generic Mitered Squares by Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall

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