Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mini-Episode 4 - DIY Sock Blockers

Blocking socks in my opinion isn't always necessary....I mean, you are just going to throw them on your feet anyways and they will stretch out as needed.  However, if it is a pretty lacey pattern, or you are like me and want awesome pictures for your ravelry profile page, then blocking is a necessity!

You can buy sock blockers, but if you have weird as heck feet like me, they won't always do the best job.  I have ginormous feet that are super narrow.  I mean, seriously....size 11AA or something like that.  Don't ever go shoe shopping with me unless you want to me frustrated and ticked off for the rest of the day!

So here we are doing another DIY! Sock blockers out of a plastic dinner mat.  It's waterproof and thick enough to maintain it's shape when draped with a big ol piece of wool!

The tutorial I used was by Eskimimi Makes and can be found HERE!  Except instead of the carboard/sellotape, use the plastic mat which is talked about on Little Sesame Knits HERE. Enjoy and happy blocking (if there is such a thing)!

See you soon!

The CATT Lady

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