Monday, June 22, 2015

Episode 13 - Those Evil YO's and a Simple Braided I Cord Headband

Roving I hand dyed.  Definitely experimental and even though it looks pretty it was a partial failure!

Here's this weeks episode!!! See my braided icord headband pattern below! It's a no brainer, but I made it up on the fly and it turned out super cute!

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"Simple Braided I Cord Headband"


Worsted weight yarn: I used just a standard Bernat in white
DPNs: Whatever size needed for your yarn.  I used Size 7.
Notions: finishing needle for weaving in the ends.

CO 3 stitches
I-cord for approx 4 inches or however long you would like your tie to be
Kfb into each stitch (6 stitches).
Kfb into each stitch (12 stitches).

Take 2 stitches onto your needles - move the rest to a stitch holder
I-cord for the needed length to wrap around your head - remember it will stretch a bit so don't make too long!

At the end, put those two stitches onto a new stitch holder.  Try to avoid twisting the stitches.

Repeat for each set of 2 stitches.  You will have a total of 6 I-cords.

My I-cord spaghetti monster
When all the I-cords are completed to the needed size, carefully lay them all out on a flat surface.  Make sure they are all laying flat and untwisted.  Place something heavy on top of the first I-cord used for the tie - or safety pin it down to keep it still.

Using two I-cords per section, make a standard braid.

Recombine all the live stitches onto your needle.

K2Tog until end of row (6 stitches)
K2Tog until end of row (3 stitches)

I-cord 3 stitches until it matches the length of the first tie.

Weave in allllllll those lovely loose ends.



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Have a good one!

The CATT Lady

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