Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mini Episode 6 - Mitered Squares

Everyone and their neighbor is working on these crazy sock yarn blankets it seems, right? Wanna know why? They are so much fun and addicting! And I am ALL for instant gratification which is what you get when you finish each little square.

I was asked a question about how I join my squares and if I could do a quickie tutorial.  So here it is! It's more of a "demonstration" I would say, since I am by no means no expert and there are so many different ways to accomplish basically the same thing.  So here is MY way of doing the mitered squares blanket using the Generic Mitered Squares Pattern by Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall.

I'm recording with my camera propped up on a kids tool bench in the living room, so I apologize for the weird placement. However you can see the knitting which is all that really matters, right?

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