Monday, May 18, 2015

Episode 8 - Oh Pikachu

Happy Monday! It has been a not so hot week here coming down with a nasty cold.  Runny nose, scratchy throat.  Hooray...

Before the yuckiness hit however, I got to spend a fun family day with my hubby and kiddos at the Detroit Zoo! We all went together with the kids Preschool.  It was a chilly day (I wore a sweater).  I mean really?? A sweater in May??  It was ridiculous. But we all had fun.  Emily was most excited about the Zebras and David really liked the Penguins.  My favorite was the Butterfly House. The Giraffe's were totally about to "get it on" but Lady Giraffe was not really in the mood.  It was quite a sight to see! 

We followed it up with an ice cream cone from McDonald's on the way home. 

Watching the butterflies

Butterflies are my favorite!

So pretty!

They look like they are smiling

Gotta get a picture by the bear fountain


Emily was excited about the Zebras was totally mating season...

And she wasn't really in the mood. Haha!

This weekend was another birthday party! This time at Chuck E. Cheese.  It was actually my first time there and it wasn't too bad.  Last time the kids went, hubby took them by himself for another birthday party. He said it was mass chaos. Luckily it wasn't overrun this time.  Kids played a lot of little games and cashed in their tickets for a bag of junk, haha. Got to leave with a balloon - a successful day!

Lots of crafts, not enough time! Finished Objects, and lots of Works In Progress. Plarn, Yarn Dying, Mitered Squares and more! The most exciting of the FO's is my shawl! Behold the Sunlight Shawl for Sad People by Sylvia Bo Bilvia on Ravelry!

Fun with Selfie's

Now, On to the show!

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Tips on dying yarn black with food coloring - Here

"Unicorn Farts" dying tutorial by TomBoyKnits (using a thickener to stop colors from bleeding)

Worldwide Knit in Public Day - Find an event near you!

Don't forget next week's episode may run a bit late do to the holiday weekend.  Hope everyone has a great week!!

The CATT Lady

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