Monday, February 29, 2016

Episode 45 - Finish All The Things

Hubby's Second Socks

Well here we are, back at it again! Sorry for the delay but boy oh boy what a week last week. Emily had TWO snow days which completely through me off for the week. And with all that snow, kickboxing was cancelled as well.  So did I work out at home? am having a rough go of transitioning to a healthier lifestyle! It's just so easy to eat pizza...and ice cream....and candy...and everything else that tastes DELICIOUS. But we will try, try, and try again.

Being I was away for a bit longer than usual, I had extra time to get more projects done! Can you believe I only have ONE current project going?? That's just craziness.

Camp is a mere month from being over and so far - Team Snow Leopard is kicking butt and taking names. I may try to do a camp mini-episode. But alas, we shall see what the schedule looks like in the next day or so.

Without further ado, grab a drink, grab a project and enjoy.

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This week in pictures!

This had to come home with me

Lovely package from Tonya!

Kids playing with their new coloring books

MY sticker book. (I swear I'm an adult)

Star Wars audiobook - AWESOME!

Super cool Lego Giraffe at the mall

Finished Linus

Finished Hitchhiker

Snow Day!

Perfect afternoon for knitting

Snow Angels

Playing outside

Obligatory snow selfie

Snow Castles

Lots of them

Ready for demolition


This guy

Cutie cat selfie

Painting with a Twist

Finished works of art

Next pair of socks!

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